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Scale floor

Developers • Interior Designers • Local Authority

Scale floor

Who uses scale plans?

We often get asked “why use scale plans over a normal floor plan?”. Depending on what you intend to use the plan for will determine whether you require a scale plan. Use our short quiz to find out the service best suited to your needs.
Intricate scale floor plans open up a world of possibilities. Don’t let this list of four examples fool you, there are a lot of applications for scale plans and whatever your project is, get in touch.

Interior Designers

They love a scale plan! Using them to pin-point where each fitted cupboard will sit or for scaling furniture on the drawing.

Local Authority

Each local authority body will have its own rules on how they would like a scale plan to be displayed. Luckily, were here to help.

Service Charging

Managed blocks typically use scale plans to calculate the accurate area for their service charges

Developers (big and small)

You’ve had a look and you see a buildings’ potential. With a scale plan, you can accurately place the units within the property to maximise its’ potential.

Additional Details

You may have a certain set of requirements and whatever they may be, you can be confident that we can include the elements you need into your scale plan. We have put together a short list of some of the items we can incorporate:

Ceiling Heights




Door & Sill Heights


External & Visible Pipes


Room Dimensions & Areas


Stair Numbering


Meters (Gas / Electric / Water)


Stopcock & External Taps

Inspection Chambers




And Much More

An example of scale plans including some additional features: window and door heights, stair numbering, radiators and sockets etc.

Print to a scale of your choosing

Your requirements are our priority and whether you need a scale of 1:200 or even 1:1250, we conduct our rigours checks to ensure its accuracy.

Sections & Elevations

We can provide sections and elevations to accompany your scale plan to aid your design and your contractors.

All in the detail

Additional details can be added such as door and sill heights, visible pipes, fire/ smoke alarms, boiler and hot water cylinder locations and fire extinguishers to name a few.

These are the file types we will send to you following the completion of your scale plans. PDF, DXF and DWG formats are emailed over to you.

Yes! CAD files too

As part of the service, you will receive the CAD files as well as a PDF. We will complete your booking by sending over DXF and DWG files. We know how important it is for project managers and interior designers to scale up and work off a plan digitally.

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